Friday, December 28, 2007

A Retreating Idea

Earlier we were watching Gather Gospel and Gloria was talking about a women's retreat. Beloved says "I would really like to do that someday".

Then a moment later she describes what she would really like to go to.

A Clergy Family Retreat. One where clergy famililes would attend. One where some portion of the time would be family together activities and some would be unscheduled and of course there would be chances for worship and prayer and music and Bible/faith study.

But some of the time would be a chance for clergy to gather togehter, and for clergy spouses (spice?)/partners to gather together and time for the clergy kids to gather in age groupings. THe purpose of these break-out groups would be to network, to share war stories and concerns, to share wisdom. THe clergy could talk about clergy stuff, the "spice"/partners could talk about the joys and hazards of that role and the kids could talk about what it means to be a PK (there would need to be a number of breakings of the kids group to keep them with similar ages).

I think it is a great idea. I know we in the church tend to shy aways from labelling something as "just for clergy" for fear of being seen as exclusivistic (or is that just in the UCCan?) but the reality is the clergy and clergy families have different sets of concerns.

Now the appropriate question is: How does one go about finding something like this? Or who would one approach to make it happen?


  1. Wow. This is a terrific idea!! I just received a flyer from a retreat center just south of us near the US/Canada border. It looks lovely. Guests/retreatants stay in their own cabins, but share meals together in the main lodge. I wonder if they would sponsor such an event if it were planned and coordinated (and funded???) by the UCCan....

  2. Just a question, and not a hostile one: do clergy folks really want to talk about "clergy stuff"?

  3. pmp, yes.
    In my case, though, I'm not sure the rest of the family would have a desire to be on such a retreat. I wonder if the expectations for male partners of clergy aren't a little different than for female?

  4. Certainly there are some details that would need working out--like would participation in discussions be mandatory (presumably not), would it only be for multiple-person family units or for single-person units as well...

    Beloved said this is an idea she had before becoming a clergy spouse but sees the need more now.

    SB, certainly the role expectations are different for gender differences. ALso depends on the geography--does the family live in the community. BUt such things could come up in discussion and further break-out groups could happen I suppose...

  5. As one being ushered closer to the door of this institution ... I think that it's a good idea in principle ... but I doubt it would fly ... and perhaps for THAT reason alone it should be pursued ...

    I would consider supporting it if I remain in the flock ...