Tuesday, July 05, 2011

FRiday???? Five, Also Blogiversary

What with the parade and the Canada Day Festivities last week I didn't get around to the Friday Five over at RGBP.  However today is my 6th Blogiversary and so I thought these queries would fit well today:

1) Have your blogging (writing/reading) habits shifted since the days of yore? In my first 6 months of blogging I posted 206 times.   THus far this year--31 (on this blog, there have also been posts on my "church blog" and worship resources posted on my "worship blog").  I'd say the numbers speak for themselves.  Reading is on a similar track, although I tend to read more blogs as part of my worship preparation now than I used to.
2) Do you have some favorites that you miss? There aer some who stopped blogging that I used to read.  ANd many folks whose blogging has slowed so much that I miss following them now.
3) Are there some blogs you still put in the 'must read' category? Certainly, most of the ones in my sidebar.  But to be fair I rarely find time to read all of them.
4) If we gathered at your knee, what would you tell us about those early days of blogging? That I spent too much time doing it???  But there was a growing feeling of community, a feeling of getting to know these people in some way.
5) Do you have a clip or a remembrance of a previous post of yours or someone else's that you remember, you know an oldie but goodie? Nothing that really stands out.  There were posts that made me laugh out loud, and posts that have made me tear up.