Monday, January 01, 2018

Book 10 of 2017 -- Preacher

Last fall I got an e-mail from a professor at my seminary asking if I would be willing to review a book for the journal Touchstone.  I agreed and so was sent a copy of this book.

Until it arrived I had, in fact, never heard of David Read and so had no expectation about what I would find in his sermons. I was pleasantly surprised.

The book does include a brief biographical sketch to introduce the reader to Read and then proceeds with the sermons.  These are divided into church seasons, leading the reader through the year from the Season of Creation through to Pentecost.

I found Read's sermons to be both timely for the era where they were first preached but also timeless in that often they also speak to the current situation. I may not follow to the same place as Read does theologically but found engaging with his texts a healthy exercise.

They say that one of the best ways to grow as a preacher is to be exposed to preaching.  Which is a challenge for many of us, what with being relatively busy on a Sunday morning.  Books like this can heelp to meet that need.

Now I just need to find the formatting information I was sent and write the actual review....