Sunday, June 10, 2012

Someday, Maybe, When we have MOney....

Ever since we moved here we have wanted to change the back yard.  SOme of it is already done as we created a nice big vegetable garden and then late last summer we removed the sidewalk block pads at the back of the yeard and spread grass seed this spring.  But the big possible project is...

We want to change the yard right by the house.  Currently it looks like this:

But the deck just doesn't work for us.  In part it is too small for that size of a table (an effect magnified by the railing on the one side -- a railing that is not needed for safety because the deck is essentially at ground level).  Bu also the current layout leave these tiny little strips of grass/weeds by the fence, then by the deck, then over by the shed.  Since the back door is at grade level we are limited in terms of height. 

When we redo the fence we plan to move the gate from right beside the house to approximately a spot even with the BBQ in this picture.  And so we have a plan.  Take the deck right out and put a patio with paving stones (not sidewalk blocks) from the fence all the way to the shed.  The patio would come out as far as the blocks are now to give more space.  Possibly some plant boxes along the edge?

Another issue is this space between the two sheds.  Nothing really grows there anyway.  So maybe some more pavers here?  Or River Rock?  Probably pavers because it would be nice to be able to hang laundry in bare feet which might be uncomfortable with River Rock.

ANd finally there is the back corner of the yard.  With the large full canopy of the Mayday (which is very mature, I wonder how many years it has left?) nothing really grows well there either--except Mayday suckers.  SO Patty has a dream of some river rock and a few stepping stones.  Maybe a piece of yard art (I think the real dream is a small fountain)

Someday, maybe, when we have money....  But the first priority back there is redoing the fence.