Sunday, September 09, 2012

Book 12 of 2012 -- Made to Stick

In a FB group this summer folks were sharing what they were reading.  Wanting something new to read, I took a look at the titles in the list and this one looked promising.  And so I clicked and downloaded it. 

THis is a book well worth reading by any of us who regularly try to convey information to others.  The authors lay out an acronym to help structure their argument -- SUCCESs.  This acronym stands for Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories; 6 characteristics of sticky messages (each characteristic gets a chapter of its own).

The book is an easy read.  There are lots of stories and practical examples.  Frequently the include a "Clinic" to push the reader to delve into the characteristic being discussed.  And then at the end there is a summary chapter.  I liked it so much that I have also purchased another book by the same authors to read later this fall.