Sunday, September 11, 2005

Forgivable and Unforgivable?

A thought I was wrestling with all week as I prepared to preach on Jesus' answer to the question "How many times should I forgive?"--Are all things forgivable?

Are there some things that I can not forgive? Are there some things that should not be forgiven?

More and more I find myself moving toward the answer that some things are truly unforgivable. And as I thought it through I realized that my list of what is unforgivable is fairly close to the Unforgivable Curses of the Harry Potter books. Those three curses (the punishment for which is life imprisonment) are the Imperius {which allows you to completely control another}, the Cruciatus {which causes excruciating pain to another}, and Avada Kedavra {which kills instantly}. It strikes me that to totally control another, to cause great pain, and to kill may well be things that are unforgivable (although in the case of the first two there may be layers of forgivability, just as there may be layers of transgression). It also occurs to me that all these things happen in many different ways and forms in the life of us Muggles.

So if there are things I find unforgivable what do I do about that? What does it mean to say that? And then I remember that what I find impossible is not always impossible. I am not doing it alone. ARe there things that GOd finds unforgivable? That I don't rightly know...

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