Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sing, Sing A Song

Yesterday I was doing some prep work for a column I have to write this week (amidst the 2 funerals). THe column is going to be titled (I think) Sing to the Lord or Sing Out a New Song.

AS part of my prep I found the old Carpenters hit SIng. While it was playing I started singing it, and the girls loved it. EVer since yesterday morning they keep asking "Daddy, sing the song again". By last night the oldest was starting to sing it along with me (especially the La-la-la-la-la part).

Now I know why Sesame Street chose to use the song in the first place.

COincidentally this research fed into my sermon for this morning as I also looked up HOw Can I Keep from Singing? on CyberHymnal and ended up using the first verse (read, not sung) as part of my sermon on singing songs of praise in the times of lament. It speaks to the Christian Hope that breaks through the trials of life.

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  1. I love that song, used to play and sing it a lot when my boys were little!