Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in REview Meme

Y'all have seen it before. THe first sentence of the first post from each month of 2008:
  • January: The Recipe For Frodo

    3 parts Courage
    2 parts Panache
    1 part Happiness

    Splash of Tease

    Finish off with an olive
  • February: I am mulling over the idea of purchasing a multi-media projector later this year.
  • MArch: This story hit the news this week:
  • April: LAst night Beloved and I went to a concert. THere were three performers.
  • May: Next Sunday is Pentecost, also called the "Birthday of the church".
  • June: Just got back from the opening Worship for Worship MAtters.
  • July: From RGBP:
  • August:
    The RGBP Friday 5.
    Songbird writes:
  • September: For the last 2 weeks there has been non-stop speculation in Canada about whether or not PRime Minister Stephen HArper will ignore his commitment to fixed election dates and ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament, thus starting the official election campaign.
  • October: Next weekend is Thanksgiving up here north of the border.
  • November: GO and read this! A reflection on questions that were not (but should have been) asked during the US and Canadaian election campaigns.
  • December: Or at least people who are willing to act in an adult manner. IS that too much to ask from our elected representatives???

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