Saturday, February 21, 2009

Self-Declared Heretic

This afternoon as I was giving the combined theological reflection and chair's address (which appeared to be well recieved) I openly named that some thing I was saying was considered heretical by many in the UCCan.

What could possibly be heretical in as diverse and non-creedal a denomination as the UCCan?

The suggestion that maybe trying to consistently balance representation by a half dozen criteria gets in the way of getting the right people for the job.

Maybe getting the right people, people who are called and have passion for the work, is more important than ensuring a balance according to gender, and age, and geography, and lay/paid ministry status, and experienced/new. Maybe not. Maybe sometimes. BUt what if it means we put our agenda of political correctness ahead of God's agenda?

Oh and I also named aloud that our current congregations may not be currently sustainable. And suggested that the business of being "The CHurch" got in the way of God's busines of being the church. And wondered why in two days of meetings we never talked about the world outside our doors with its mill closings and lay offs and anxiety -- and then asked if we were serving God's agenda or ours.

I'll let you know when the trial begins....

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