Saturday, November 21, 2009

A New Citizenship Oath

As part of my preparing to ask where our loyalties do/should lie I looked up the US Pledge of Allegiance. Very interesting reading here.

Sadly, in reading this brief summary on wikipedia I fear I may know more about the history of the Pledge than many people who routinely recite it.

I also found the text of the Canadian Citizenship oath

But of course as people of faith it is arguable, and theologically sustainable, that our true allegiance is not to any flag or nation or political party/leader.  Indeed our loyalty is to a kingdom proclaimed by a man on hs way to a cross.  Our allegiance is to a way of life that was (rightly in some ways) condemned as subversive in the eyes of Empire.  Our citizenship is in a realm that is of this world and yet not of this world -- the now and the not yet.

And so I submit a Citizenship Oath For Reign of Christ Sunday:
I swear that I will remain faithful to the Creating Parent,
bear true allegiance to the Child who brings life,
and open my life to the wildness of the Regenerative Spirit.
I affirm my commitment to truth, to justice and to true peace.
I will faithfully strive to understand the rules of Kin-dom living
and fulfil my responsibilities as a follower of Christ.
God being my helper. Amen.

May we always remember our call to be subversive, may we struggle to live into our true citizenship, may we be reminded that the kin-dom of God is born not of power but of "liberty and justice for all" Amen.


  1. very provocative! (esp. like the "wildness of the regenerative spirit")

  2. This speaks volumes to me! I am US citizen and was not familiar with the Canadian Cit. Oath.
    Really find your Cit. Oath language compelling and yes, a bit subversive! Thanks for sharing!

  3. When I was a child, I always got the pledge of allegiance mixed up with prayer - wanting to say AMEN afterwards!

  4. Gord, I really like the language of your oath, especially "open my life to the wildness of the Regenerative Spirit". That phrase is charged with energy and inspiration, I love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words.