Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As long as I have known, Good Friday (and usually Easter Monday) have been public holidays.  And this made perfect sense to me because I was part of a family that was active in the church.  Besides, for many years we went to my grandparents' for Easter and the 4 day weekend made this more possible.

But more and more now I have to wonder why.  AFter all why, in a nation that has no official religion, do we make a public holiday of one religion's holy day?


  1. An excellent question--I'll take them anyway, because I can really use a 4-day weekend!

  2. Interesting thought. I have wondered about this in the past. As Canada becomes more ethnically diverse and less people go to church we may be forced into renaming our holidays or letting each group take its own holiday at its appropriate time. Funny how we shun going to church but don't mind taking the holiday at Christmas and Easter. How many people will actually attend a service on these Holy days?

  3. I think we will see no new holidays declared in the name of any religion. However, if our government took it into their heads to deprive citizens of their 'entitled' holidays already marked on the calendar, there would be a major revolt. We should rejoice that it was our faith that 'ruled' back in the days when these decisions were made. -jan-
    ps don't eat too much chocolate even tho it is holy too ;)