Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Five: Clutter? What CLutter?

From RGBP:

1. What things do you like to hang on to?  Well Books of course.  ANd photos (even though I have multiple sets of unsorted photos, thye all fit into a box).

2. What is hard to let go of?  Books. And (apparently) kids toys.

3. What is easy to give away?  Old clothing.  I like the  "haven't taken it off a hanger for years" test.

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected with cleaning out?  Both Beloved and I have family backgrounds that include a hoarding tendency.

5. What do you like to collect, hoard, or admire?  Not really a collector of anything per se.  WE just sem to have lots of stuff--far more than we thought as we discoveredd as the kitchen was being packed up.

Bonus: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes along with this muttering about cluttering.  I am a big fan of free-cycling, expecially of the informal variety (having never tried a more formal free-cycling system).  When we moved we offloaded a variety of outdoor toys simply by letting folks know they were available and it all disappeared.

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  1. I still have kids toys and books, too. Some of them are really fun! I enjoyed reading your post.