Monday, September 06, 2010

Is there a blessing for...?

In Fiddler on the Roof, when Motel gets his new sewing machine he asks the Rabbi if there is a blessing for a sewing machine.  And the rabbi obliges.

Along the same lines is this story (the link was posted on my FB wall):

The glow of gizmos cut through the darkness of a modest Halifax-area church Sunday as parishioners raised their cellphones, laptops and GPS units toward the heavens for a special prayer.
"Lord God, we thank you for the many gifts and tools you give us, all those electronic gadgets that make our lives easier in so many ways," Rev. Lisa Vaughn said before a small crowd at St. Timothy's Anglican church in Hatchet Lake on the eve of Labour Day.
Vaughn said the idea to hold a blessing of electronics came after hearing about an old English tradition called Plough Monday in which farmers would drag their tools to the church's door to receive a blessing for a good harvest.
Actually I think that the idea has merit.  It also can be a chance to reflect on the role gadgets play in our lives and our addiction to them.

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