Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, Schmiday, I'll do it anyway

Over at RGBP a couple days ago the following queries were posted:

1) Who is the first friend you remember from childhood?  When I was 3 (or 4??) we were heading up to Miette Hot SPrings in JAsper.  As we were unhitching the trailer for the steep windy road a friend from church introduced us to another family who were new to St. ALbert and the church.  THis family is my surrogate parents and sisters to this day.  Another earliest memory (although a few years later) is of the classmate of mine who lived 2 doors down when I was in kindergarten-Grade 2.
2) Have you ever received an unexpected gift from a friend?  I am sure I have many times.  But I just can't name one at the time.
3) Is there an old friend you wish you could find again? Or have you found one via social media or the Internet?  THere are a number of folks I have reconnected with via FB, in fact I had the chance to chat with one on the phone last week who I haven't seen or talked to in 15 years or so. 
4) Do you like to get your good friends together in a group, or do you prefer your friends one on one?  Small groups is best for me.
5) Does the idea of Jesus as a friend resonate with you?  Honestly, it depends on the day.  SOmetimes it is really comforting, sometimes ti sounds kind of hackneyed.

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