Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Book 19 of 2010

Putting Away Childish Things, a novel by Marcus Borg.  Yes, a novel by Borg. Something of a change for those of us who are used to reading Borg's work on theology.  And yet not much of a change.

THe novel tells the story of a Religious Studies professor at a small US college.  One sub-plot revolves around a young woman who is struggling to find a theological home between the liberal and progressive Christian worlds.  The main plot follows the professor as she wrestles with an invitation to consider a yearlong appointment at a seminary.

Borg describes this as a "teaching novel", mainly (he says) because he couldn't see how to write any other type of novel.  ANd his theology bleeds through it.  Is the book great literature?   PRobably not.  But it is a good read and a good way to start discussion [note to self, put this one on the next list of potential book studies].  And given a chance I would be happy to take a class from Kate Riley.


  1. I've started reading this one twice now, but I haven't given up entirely. It just starts out feeling so.... I don't know.... contrived or something.

    Maybe the third time will be the charm.

  2. WEll as I said, it isn't great literature. But I found it highly enjoyable