Thursday, December 16, 2010


This Place is on my mind today.  It is the day of their annual Radiothon fundraiser.

I worked at the Kottage from November 1996 (started just before the Christmas PArty) until August 1999.  It was a gift.  It was a blessing.  ANd yes at times it was heartbreaking. ANd I still carry them in my heart (although most of the staff has undoubtedly changed by now and all the families I met there have children who have aged out of the program).

Why did folks call us? You name it: no food, housing issues, parental or sibling illness, death in the family, parental stress... And they were people who often had, or felt they had, no other place to turn. In my childhood we had close friends (in our case through the church) who could watch my sister and I on short notice if needed. In other people's stories this is what neighbours did.

But what if you are new to town and don't know anybody? What if you have no family close (or no family you trust/ are speaking too)? What if you live in an area that doesn't lead you to trust your neighbour's? Who do you call?

ANd here is a video (not the one I wanted, I wanted the whole song this one ends with) about their ministry.

So here is the question for you, fellow questers.  How do we, as people who believe in children and their parents, provide support when life falls apart?  How do we support the people who have nobody?

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