Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Never Knew

But apparently I am dangerous!

Just check out the "discussion" on this thread (starting about 3/4 of the way down the first page).  This poster and I have been into it before, this is just a sampl;e.

But I never knew I was so dangerous!

Although Gandalf does remind us that we are all dangerous in our own way, even mild little Pippin.


  1. Gord: I was in a discussion group once about skirting our (USA) constitution about the separation of church and state by teaching "The Bible as Literature" in state run high schools.

    My argument was that, having gone to a theological college and having the critical thinking skills and educational mentors to allow me to see the beauty of the literature and the use of imagery (i.e. JOB) in the Bible, there are those who don't have the ability, and we definitely would not find it in teenagers.

    There were adult people in my classes on scripture who could not for the life of them disect a book to understand it in the context written, the language of the translation, the politics of the canons, and the temper of the times. They felt it was sacriligious. I think a few must have been on your discussion group?

    You just don't seem the dangerous type to me!!!

  2. Actually in this case it is one individual who is stuick in the belief that he knows teh one right way to approach questions of faith (and therefore there is only one right way to answer questions of faith) and is not willing to let the fact that he (by his own admission) has little background in study of the faith be a hindrance to proclaiming how everyone MUST agree with him.

    Admittedly, I get a little amusement out of baiting him

  3. I think he was in some of my classes - kept saying "God's driving the bus!" but couldn't give us a reference for that quote! :)

    I enjoyed reading the arguments Gord. very reasoned yet passionate!