Saturday, May 21, 2011

8 Years AGo Today

Well technically teh story starts 8 years ago yesterday. 

It was a Tuesday.  I went to visit someone at the hospital, then for coffee at the Seniors Center, then went to talk to an intern who was doing some community develoment work in town.  AS I came up from that discussion Beloved was walking through the mall: "Oh there you are!"

Turns out she had been looking for me all afternoon.  She had just come from the clinic where her water had broken and she was sent to the hospital to get the ambulance in to the Regional Hospital.  She had left a note on my windshield earlier that afternoon but I had not seen it as the windshield wipers were recessed under the hood.

So we got to the hospital, Beloved got loaded up and I went home to grab some needed stuff for the next week before making the 2+ hour drive to the Hospital.  Around midnight the OB/GYN on call decided that since nothing was happening a C-Section was in order.  And so at 1:11 Wednesday morning our first child, Princess, was born.  A few days later we headed home...

But that was only the beginning.  355 days later Scalliwag was born (this time through a scheduled C-Section).  2 years after that Monkey came along on the 15th (2 weeks BEFORE a scheduled C-Section--and she hasn't slowed down since).  Then last year on the 26th of the month Bear came along with another scheduled C-Section.  Yep, 4 kids, all born in the same month.  Makes May a little hectic (2 parties last weekend, another one tomorrow).

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