Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Book 9 of 2011 -- Order in Chaos

I have been waiting to read this one for a couple of years.  It is the third of the Templar Trilogy.  However I read the second in paperback before the third even came out in hardcover and so I have waited (I prefer to read books in paperback whenever possible).

The trilogy as a whole is good.  Not something that is going to become a piece of classic literature by any means but good.  I also enjoyed Whyte's Dream of Eagles cycle (about the transition from Roman Britain to Arthurian Britain) and the next one I am reading is the first of a trilogy based in Scotland (where in fact this book largely takes place after the Templars are dissolved in France).

THe trilogy has been well immersed in the mythic nature of the Templar story, and this one gives a hint of the old folk legend that the Templars became the Freemasons.  I would recommend it.  It could stand on its own but obviously follows better if one has read the first two volumes.

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