Friday, December 02, 2011


In today's local paper there was space for congregations to list special happenings over the Christmas season.  One congregation's list included the following:
Dec 30 7pm Passover Meal with communion
Dec 31 9pm to midnight Passover night.

PArdon me?  Passover?

It seems to me that adopting (to use a gentle verb for what I see happening) the name of THE key observance of another religious tradition for your New Year's commemoration (as I assume it really is) is a little bit less that respectful.

I have little problem with Christian congregations choosing to hold a Seder meal during the appropriate season (as long as it is done respectfully).  But a PAssover meal that includes communion is at best confusing to me.  And why would we mark PAssover at the totally wrong time of year anyway?

In the end it reeks of supercessionism.  And I find it troubling.

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  1. Really troubling. Wow. What, exactly, are these folks commemorating. This is poor on so very many levels. The more I think about it, the more queasy it makes me.