Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book 4 of 2013-- The Renegade

Many years ago I was introduced to Jack Whyte's "Dream of Eagles" series (about the time period leading up to the Arthurian legend).  Years later I came upon his Templar trilogy.  Then a year and a half or so back I came across the first book in his Guardians trilogy and have been watching for the next one to come out.

Then at the beginning of this month I was browsing through Kobo and found that it was out!  Conveniently this was as I was heading into a week of vacation time.  So I clicked "Buy Now" and started to read this book.

This trilogy is set during the period of the Scottish struggles against Edward Plantagenet of England.  But, just as he did not write about the Arthur period, Whyte does not write about the peak part of the characters story.  In Book 1 we followed William Wallace from a child until just before he started the path that led to the Battle of Stirling Bridge.  In this book we follow Robert the Bruce from childhood until he is about to move from English Knight to Scottish Rebel (though arguably the word Rebel is mis-used --or at least shows a pro-English bias-- as it is impossible for a Scot to rebel against an English King who is trying to take over the country).

This book draws an interesting portrait of a conflicted young man.  Is he English or Scots?  Is Edward I a friend or foe?  Where will his destiny take him???

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