Monday, September 09, 2013

Book 9 of 2013 -- Switch

Last summer I read this book.  And I found it worthwhile enough that I bought another by the same authors--but apparently took a while to get around to reading it.  This summer I worked my way toward Switch

Switch is about managing change.  I actually was at a con-ed event in the spring where the presenter referred to the book in his talks.  The Heath brothers use the metaphor of a elephant rider and break change down into three things:  Direct the Rider, Motivate the Elephant, and Shape the Path.

This book is full of helpful insights.  For example the directing of the Rider is an act of will.  But it is also tiring to always be directing the rider, so that leads to the importance of motivating the elephant.  Much less tiring than always steering it against its will. 

The Heaths routinely include stories and anecdotes to illustrate their points.  The writing is accessible and easy to follow.  All of us who work with change management (which at some point of time is ALL of us) would be well served by reading this book.

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