Sunday, July 10, 2005

Enough heat already!

I hate the heat. I always have, inherited it from my mother. And muggy heat is even worse--sit still and dehydrate. Give me a choice between 30C above or 30C below and I will take the cold any day. At least then you can dress for it.

Brick houses are wonderful to look at but not when they get hot. When I got up this morning it was still 82F on the main floor and likely a good 5 degrees warmer upstairs where we all sleep. I think the only one who had a half-decent nights sleep was the dog.

Thankfully the church here is a basement. It was wonderfully cool in there this morning. And we will have to go out for supper--somewhere air conditioned. Meanwhile I will try to keep from melting (last I looked it was 31 with a humidex of 38C--that is about 88F with a humidex of 100F).

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