Friday, July 08, 2005

Think Global-Act Local Meme

Richard has issued a challenge.

"The challenge… name five things you can do from where you are, right now, that will make a positive difference (however slight it may seem) to this hurting world. ...This is an invitation to people of any and all political stripe, faith understanding, race, continent, etc. Perhaps someone reading will decide to live out one of the shared ideas."

This is a hard one. Let's see...
1) Shop locally whenever possible. This does great things for a small town economy (and is all too often not the default choice of many people in Atikokan). Along with this goes encouraging others to shop locally.
2) Try to walk/bike more around town -- therefore driving less. (as somewhat red-faced he admits that he just got his bike put back together yesterday after meaning to start riding it back in May)
3) Give more to the Mission & Service Fund and continue to promote M&S within my congregation.
4) Preach and pray. Heighten awareness (my own and those around me) of poverty and environmental issues. LEARN
5) Start now to instil good habits in my children. Start now to teach them a different path.
6) Plant a tree.

Can/will I do it? Well even if I am only 50% successful it is a good start.

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