Sunday, September 25, 2005

Im Baa-ack

Home from Presbytery. It was a good meeting. Mind you any meeting that finishes earlier than expected on both nights is a good meeting in my book. One of the pieces of work I was responsible for was putting forward a Proposal (we used to call them Petitions, not sure why we changed, Petition is the better word IMHO) regarding clergy rights and congregational policy. Actually this was a revised version of one the Richard talks about here (we incorporated some of the changes that he suggested in hindsight). It passed fairly easily, and got people thinking about some of the questions involved. For myself, I think that if I found myself in such strong disagreement with congregational policy that I had to ignore it I would have to consider carefully if that was indeed the place for me to be. Still, as a question of prophetic voice and rights of conscience I think there is something important at stake.

And it appears that a committee I am not even on volunteered me for a job--actually the lay rep from my congregation volunteered me. I get to help co-ordinate a visioning process in our Zone (sub area of Presbytery). Well it should tie in to my hopes to get this congregation looking at vision and "who are we" stuff.

And now I am going to go crawl away and rest. Came down with a cold and cough. I would blame Sue but somehow I doubt that one can catch a cold virus merely by reading the blog of someone who already has it. Actually the virus would not be nearly as annoying if the girls would agree to sleep all night--one of the challenges of wanting to watch TV at night in the hotel room is that Sarah is sure this means she should stay up and watch with you.


  1. Sorry you caught the cold Gord. I hope it clears up soon.

    I was glad that the Proposal went through as drafted. I didn't think it wise to start messing around with the language. It's good as is.

  2. Anonymous26/9/05 07:17

    I'm really glad to hear the the proposal went through! I look forward to hearing what happens during the Conference discussion.

    I chuckled when I read the part about Sarah and staying up. (Purely in empathy!) Shannon and I spend a lot of time reading when the three of us are on holidays that include hotel rooms.

    b/p - Richard

  3. Glad it went well.

    Wasn't there a movie or TV show that talked about computer viruses turning into human viruses?

    Feel better soon.