Thursday, December 15, 2005

NEw Game for wasting time

Found over at Friday Mom's

Try out Smack-a-Penguin

I got as far as 329 once. Many times I either miss the penguin or get the angles wrong so he lands head first rather than skipping along for more distance.


  1. Geez, thanks Gord. I was looking for some way to waste large amounts of time today, and you provided that. See, this is what happens when SOME people are ready for Christmas services far too early!!

    I got up to 298, but haven't yet broken the 300 range yet. Yet.

    like I said, thanks..... :)

  2. ALways willing to share Sue. Mind you there is this space on the Dec 24 bulletin that reads "SERMON THe Store Clerk's Story. I wonder what that is going to be?