Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Whooooo HOooooooooooooooo

I must be doing something right because I actually believe that I am getting organized. Just finished the bulletin for Dec 18, which means that I am done all the bulletins for Christmas and JAnuary 8 (my first Sunday back from holidays). Well there are a couple names I need to get from people yet (choir anthem titles and so on) but the work part is DONE!

Now I just need to figure out of I like Christmas before Sunday (sermon title Do I like Christmas?) and what I am going to say about it. Dec 18 is Christmas Pageant so no sermon whoo hoo!

Not only that but I got the Christmas letter written last night and copied today--now I just have to address and sign the cards--never got around to cards last year AT ALL.

Things are coming together nicely. I think I deserve a drink. Oh wait, no rum for the egg nog. Darn :)


  1. Try creme de menthe instead.

  2. You sound a little manic there, Gord. Maybe some nice warm milk?

  3. I settled for a nice warm tub and a glass of non-rummed eggnog. Very relaxing.

  4. In the American South, we put bourbon in the eggnog...

  5. I don't understand eggnog. It makes me wonder who was drinking what (and how much?) when they mixed up raw eggs and milk to make scrambled eggs, but then changed their minds and just drank it instead. With rum (or bourbon) as the case may be.

    I find the whole concept puzzling, and kind of icky. Pass the bourbon, skip the eggs. :)