Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Check This Out!

LAst night Beloved and I went to a concert. THere were three performers. One was a harmonica player (a rather amazing one in fact -- incredible breath control). He was asked to talk about a project of his called the ArtsCan Circle. THis is a project to help youth in Canadian first nation communities through music. As part of that he told the story of how it got started. It was a wonderful tale. Read it here.

And if you have some spare instruments lying around...

ETA As we were looking at the brochure about the project during intermission Beloved commented that it would be a good theme topic for either the PResbytery youth event or even the Presbytery meeting itself.


  1. Yes, great idea!

    Also, I have received a request to "interview" you for the Revgals and guys Monday Meet and Greet. If you are interested in participating email me: familyatpilarskidotcom

    or, if you wish to remain anonymous, we can do a question and answer via the comment section of my blog, ( I will cut and paste into the revgals post. We post interviews any time we have only a few, or no, new members to introduce.