Monday, July 28, 2008

A Hunting we will GO

Bear Hunters in the church yard!

Today at noon I was coming back from the church and the neighbour called me over to say that she had just seen a large black bear heading through the parking lot into the bush.

THen tonight the phone rings, bear is back. Wild animal control officer shows up and the bear just sits in the church yard and watches him walk up.


Bear is shot, dead now down by the river. It had previously been chased out of town a couple of times and the fact that it was around in the heat of the day and paid no attention to human presence were causes for concern.

I am pretty sure this wasn't covered in rural ministry discussions at seminary...

The odd thing is that even with their window (on the church side of the manse) wide open the girls never even stirred with 3 gunshots just across the parking lot.


  1. Yes, you can definitely add this to the list of Things They Don't Teach at Seminary.

  2. MNR could have trapped that bear and sent it a couple hundred kilometres away and released it.

    This death was utterly unnecessary.

  3. Under the current system MNR takes no responsibility for bears inside municipalities. ANd even then it likely would have become a problem for a different community.

    Now then, if we could get people to be more careful about leving out stuff (outdoor deep fryers, improperly cleaned BBQs, etc) that attracts bears into town. That would go a lot further in preventing these deaths. Once bears get used to eating and living in town their life is shortened.