Friday, July 04, 2008

A (Friday) Five for the Fourth (of July)

From RGBP:

1. Barbeque's or picnics ( or are they essentially the same thing?) In my mind, a barbecue (bbq) is something that generally happens at one's home whereas a picnic takes place at the park or the beach. And each have their own place. Then again there is the wiener roast which sort of combines the two.

2. The park/ the lake/ the beach or staying at home simply being? Around here the lake and the beach mean the same thing. After all the seacoast is a loooooong way from here. And I like all of them for different reasons. But truth be told I would often choose just at home being for real relaxation

3. Fireworks- love 'em or hate 'em? It has been a long time since I last saw a fireworks display in person. When well done I really enjoy them.

4. Parades- have you ever taken part- share a memory... Taken part in several. One memorable one was the rodeo parade when I was in, Grade 10 I think. It poured rain the whole way. By the time it was over my once white socks had been dyed red by my shoes. Oh and then there was the first time we went in the Canada Day canoe parade here in town. The river was high and fast running and we kept getting swept into the shore on corners. The most interesting part was that the Beloved would quit paddling and yell "Tree" or "bush" as we hit them. (for reference, it is much easier to steer a canoe when both people paddle consistently)

5. Time for a musical interlude- if you could sum up holidays in a piece of music what would it be? Hmmmmmm, that would depend on so many variables...

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  1. canoe trips sound fun. love the "tree" or "bush" thoughts!