Monday, June 30, 2008

7 Years Ago -- Part C

About the time of this post 7 years ago I arrived in town for the first time.

I met my contact in the parking lot of a small grocery store. HE led me to the church and manse then showed me around the building and town.

ANd so it began. THe next day was a Sunday and although I was present I wasn't providing leadership. I do remember the layperson who was leading that day commenting how she was nervous about doing so with teh new minister present (she has done so since and was a much more relaxed then--something about knowing me by then).

SIngle and childless, Ready for a new start, NOt knowing waht the future would bring (or how fast).


  1. And quickly it did change Gord.... :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Gord ... enjoy the continuing journey ...

    15 years ago today I began my journey ... we just never know what the future may hold ...

    Keep the faith brother ... someone has to, and too many of us are being driven out ...