Monday, June 30, 2008


OK, so 2 weeks ago I splashed water on the laptop key board. ANd later that day it stopped working correctly (10 keys only but keys that are sort of needed). My bad.

SO I borrowed a USB keyboard from a friend. Next morning I phoned a large computer company that starts with D to order a new keyboard. No problem, the Customer Service Rep checked if it was in stock, took the order and said it would arrive in 7-10 business days. THat was June 16.

On Friday, the day after the Order Status page said I should have it, I noticed it was stilll listed as "in production" (which seems odd since it should have been a matter of pulling the part from the bin). SO I e-mailed the company. THe response I got, and in essence the only response I have gotten is that some parts are not in stock and they are checking with their vendor.

NOw I understand that the part may be backordered. BUt why did the first person I called not tell me that? Why promise a delivery time that can't happen? ANd why not inform the customer of this change instead of waiting till I contacted them after the promised date to ask?

THe response to those questions? None. Just a "I have no estimated date at this time" response to being pushed on when to expect the key board.

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