Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Green Communities

At the end of a meeting yesterday we got into a discussion about growth and possbilities for the future of the town. As a part of that we talked about what it would mean to be a Green Community.

I know that there are some communities in Scandinavia that have made that designation. But I don't know what it means. While I will need to do some research before these discussions go more in depth (which I think they will, given one of the people involved). I realized there are people who read these ramblings on a regular basis (for some reason anyway) and they may (would) have some wisdom on the topic.

What do you think a Green Community would look like? What would be the defining characteristics?

I am thinking that carbon neutrality would be a part, a big part. and green space. and discussions around chemical use. and no plastic bags. and...?

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  1. heating-cooling systems run primarily by water that runs underground (helps keep roads de-iced too!).
    houses oriented for sun rather than electricity reliance. and for cross-breezes.
    water recycling/retention for irrigation.

    I took a class at my local conservation district called "Choices for Sustainable Living" (the materials are published by the Northwest Earth Institute) and the essays in the book have all kinds of ideas, and the NWEI has other materials too that you could check out.