Friday, June 13, 2008

Meeting #1 over and gone...

This week I chaired my first meeting since being installed as chair of Presbytery for this year.

The meeting was our executive face-to-face. We started after supper on Tuesday, met all day WEdnesday and finished with lunch yesterday.

All told it was a good meeting, much business was done and also a very good discussion on what the priority of the year was to be (encouraging congregational wellness) and how best to shape our meetings to serve that priority. Also was an aim to make the regular meetings less exhausting for those in attendance. More about that as we try to live it out over the year.

One thing that we chose to do in the midst of our meeting was pause to listen to the Prime Minister give this speech. TO put it mildly, I am not a fan of the Harper government. In fact I disagree with almost everything they have done since taking office. But this was a good thing. This apology, which the Governement of Canada has long insisted could not happen was the right and good thing to do. Of course now we need to see how it gets lived out. APologies need to be about far more than words.

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