Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Adults Wanted

Or at least people who are willing to act in an adult manner. IS that too much to ask from our elected representatives???

Canadian politics are in a state of uproar, some are calling it a Constitutional crisis. See the story (and a list of links that further explore it) here.

Everything that is being suggested (no-confidence motion, a new election or the Governor-General asking the opposition to form a government, proroguing the house to avoid a vote) is legal and allowable under a PArliamentary system. ANd the PRime Minister should really remember that when you have a minority government you HAVE to work with the rest of the parties, not openly antagonize them.

But still, is the middle of a worldwide recession the time to play games? OR is it maybe a chance for everyone involved to grow up and try to find a way through?

I admit, I did not want the election 6 weeks ago to end as it did. But we got what we got. Now stop playing politics and start governing already!

PS> would someon please explain to me why so many Canadian adults, including some elected Members of Parliament, seem to have such an incredibly poor grasp of how the Parliamentary system of government works??


  1. Because confession is good for the soul, I have to admit that I had not heard the term "Prorogue" until yesterday. But then, this is the first time in Canada's history that a Prime Minister has taken his toys and run away from the playground.


  2. Ah, but did you think we elected a PRime Minister instead of a Parliament from whom the PM was selected?

    Apparently Mr. Harper thinks we was e;ected to the ole like a US President

  3. Therein lies the problem....ole Steve seems to have forgotten that he ain't no commander in chief....

  4. The way Stephen Harper has gathered power unto himself and controlled the flow of information, it is clear that he does regard himself as a commander in chief. I had hoped that when Jean Chretien retired, that petty dictatorship would be a thing of the past, but it has actually grown worse with Stephen Harper.