Friday, September 25, 2009

Just over 1/2 done!

It is the last weekend of September and in these here parts that means it is Presbytery time!

2 solid days of work (with an extra 2+ hour exec meeting last night for an emergent issue).  But at least most of my actual work is done now.  Just a bit to present tomorrow and one motion that we didn't get done today.  Otherwise just sit back and listen and debate.

ANd then no preaching on Sunday!  Unfortunately I would LOVE ot be at home hearing the guest reacher instead of drinving 4-5 hours (depending who you ask/how heavy a foot you have) to City-by-the-lake to pick up the dog before the kennel closes and then another 2 hours home.

TOday was a good day, as PResbytery goes.  TOmorrow may be interesting at times....

And I was only asked to take on 2 new jobs in the last 24 hours.  One was a quick and clear no.  THe other will need thought--maybe if it can be done by teleconference?????????


  1. Dude, I'm not even there and I'm assigned to a committee! You know I love God and all that, but sometimes the church structure under which we serve can make my head esplode.

  2. Oh, and tell my friend R who just had surgery not to overdo it. Srsly.

  3. Well, if your dog was a bit less of an animal [more friendly] I could pick her up as I come back from city-by-the-lake late Sunday afternoon.
    (arrive airport 3:35ish)


  4. Wait a minute: City-by-the-Lake? You mean you kennel your dog a couple hours' drive East of you? Are there no kennels over your way?

  5. Well there is one now. But our dog is, um, difficult. Ok she is anti-social. So we prefer to use a specific Kennel that knows her and how to deal with her