Tuesday, September 01, 2009

70 years ago...

On September 1 1939 the troops of Nazi Germany broke through the border barriers of Poland.

Soon afterward England and France declared war on Germany in defence of Polish sovereignty. A few days later Canada followed suit (this was a step forward in Canadian history because in 1914 the English declaration of war automatically brought Canada into the war).

70 years later what have we learned? WW2 was a slaughter. Millions died, nobody is really sure how many. Historians debate whether it could have been avoided had the LEague of Nations, particularly ENgland and France stepped in to stop Hitler when he first started violating the conditions of the Versailles treaty, or if that treaty had not been so punitive in nature. But what have we learned?

Did we learn enoguh to avoid war in the future? Apparently not. SO what will it take for us to really learn that lesson?

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