Tuesday, August 18, 2009

THe Productive and the Unproductive of holidays...

We'll start with the productive. When we arrived 2.5 weeks ago I learned that I got to help dig holes. There were 2 signs to put up at the church (holes to be 3 ft deep--actually ended up being 2'6") and this arbor to create. THese holes were 4' into solid clay. The original plan was to dig all the holes by hand (the sign post holes were dug by hand) but at less than 2' down on the first of these ones and several hours of work the foreman decided to rent a power auger (nevermind that the hand auger would only have gone 3'4" before the handle hit the ground). Then things went much faster. It is almost finished now, just some work on the downspout (which was a bit of a "water feature" when tested last night).

ANd then there is this. On Saturday night I was tucking the girls in when my kneecap decided it didn't feel like staying in place. This has happened before, but not for many years, so I popped it back in and dealt with the pain for the rest of the evening. Sunday things still didn't feel right so I gave in and went to the hospital in the afternoon. The Dr. took x-rays, said all looked good and prescribed a brace to allow the soft tissues to heal and strengthen. By brace Beloved and I figured he meant something mid-thigh to mid shin that would allow leg movement and usage. Instead it wasthis "knee immobilizer". So I wear it for a while each day. (just for the record, 15 years ago when a similar thing happened and the knee swelled so much I couldn't walk the treatment was a simple tensor bandage -- that seemed to be more appropriate and equally effective) THe knee is doing much better however....


  1. Nice arbour. Bummer about the knee though. My mom's knee used to do that occasionally - OUCH!

  2. Have you been stomping around with a Cornish accent and threatening to "keelhaul the lot", etc?