Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Vacation Update

Well vacation is now a week old. And I still seem to be waiting for the "extra sleep so I can catch up" part to kick in......

Anyway, what has been happening? Well a trip to the local Farmer's Market on Saturday. And church at "ye olde home kirk" -- imagine, I got to spend the whole service with my daughters for a change!

Yesterday we bowed to the altar of consumerism and went to the monstrosity of a mall in the big city just south of us. And only spent almost $1000 on clothes for one of us (the one family member with a Y in the chromosomal mix). But then again when one only buys good dress clothes once every 8 years or so it makes the dollar amount sound a little bit better. (A jacket, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and a tie -- maybe pictures will appear after the alterations are complete)

One of the things we promised the girls was that we we take a ride on the commuter train in Big City to the South. So today we drove to the end of the line (which used to almost be the end of town--not so much now) and rode in to the University. This gave us a mixture of above and below ground stations to ride through. I guess I must be jaded, having ridden this train many many times since the system opened in 1978. But the grin on the girl's faces when the train started moving was ear to ear and absolutely priceless (but no I didn't have the camera out for it). Then we wandered around the University for a bit before heading "home".

Still up for grabs? Beloved and I are going to a dinner theatre next week. And my sister (and family) just returned from holidays so something with them. And possibly a trip out to the lake for a day. And a trip to the museum is a possibility. And............

In Other News: Last night on the news I heard that the White House is claiming no involvement in Bill Clinton's trip to North Korea that seems to have prompted the release of 2 US journalists convicted of entering the country illegally. Really? They expect us to believe that a very popular former President whose wife is the current Secretary of State makes a high profile visit (because what other kind could he possibly make given his stature) to an "Axis of Evil" state with whom the US has no diplomatic relations without the White House being involved? That seems a little hard to swallow.


  1. i'm assuming you live somewhere north of Toronto and you took the train to the University? i love the country down there, we moved from Waterloo to Winnipeg over a decade ago and i still miss little bits and pieces from down "south".
    anyway, arent holidays great?

  2. move a few provinces West. But yeah being "home" has its rewards