Friday, July 31, 2009

LEg 1 Completed

This year holidys started by loading 2 adults, 3 children 6 and under, and a (decidedly high-anxiety, anti-social) dog into a van with tent and sleeping bags and clothes and driving 1900 km over 3 days.

Apart from the heavy rain whilst driving on the first day. And the bit of rain on the tent that night. And the heavy rain the second evening (which necessitated a retreat into the tent for the evening at 6:00 until the next morning). It was alright. We really are, all in all, blessed with good travellers for children.

Just let me say that we are really glad we brought the portable DVD player and that we were close enough to the power outlet last night to have it available to use without worrying about the battery dying.

One small issue. Anyone know if they make air mattresses that do not get holes? LAst night we had to do some rearranging since the large air mattress for mom and dad wouldn't hold air. It all worked out but was a little inconvenient.

Now the relaxing part of holidays begins........