Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will They Even Notice?

Much less act on it?

Who and what you ask? Facebook and threats of being hauled into Federal Court in Canada.

On today one reads:
Facebook shares its users' personal information with developers who create games and quizzes in a way that breaches Canadian privacy law, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has found.

Privacy concerns about Facebook are nothing new. ANd the general reaction of the creators has been "trust us". Now, if they don't act on these concerns the PRivacy commissioner has the authority to haul them before Canada's Federal court. But of course FB is not a Canadian company. SO, as often with the 'net, the question is whose laws apply? Can a Canadian court enforce changes to the system?


  1. In the US we sometimes have to get state approval to sue a foreign company. Do you have to do that in CA???

  2. ~scratches head~

    No clue here Gord. My brain feels like pudding anyway, it's been that kind of week, but this one's complicated, yes?

  3. My word verification for the last response: "typoide". Heh.