Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Choice I COuldn't Make...

ANd you have to know that the Gallinger's are not the only family in this situation. But few families would be willing and able to make this public a plea.

Realistically, it is cheaper to provide support to families and allow them to keep caring for their child than to have the child totally cared for by the state. Arguably it is healthier for everyone involved. And it appears to me that it should be the default to support parents to raise their own children.

For more about the situation click here

And while it is admirable how well she talks her way through it, no 5 year old should be that familiar with how to give medication. In a perfect world anyway...


  1. Gord, what a terrible situation! I can't understand why there isn't some other solution.

  2. Apparently there is a program that could help but they have been told "there is no more money"

  3. Oh my goodness Gord, I had no idea. I went to school with Matt at Fancy Pants University. He was in the class that graduated the year after I did. How sad. I really hope the tv and internet coverage will result in something good happening for their family.

    Doesn't the United Church have an Emergency Care fund of some kind? I seem to remember hearing about something like that way back in the day and wondered at the time if our family would ever need it for hubby. It was more about paying the minister if he/she had to stay home to care for a family member...something like that. Then again, that may be another one of those programs that doesn't have any money left in it....

  4. I am sure Matt and his dad would know to check into any church funding. THe issue was brought up at the M&O conference meeting I think. Really they are looking at a government (provincial) program specifically for this sort of thing.