Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SAying Good-Bye....

I have been starting to work on this week's sermon.  The Scripture Reading is Jesus' High Priestly prayer from John 17.  The prayer isJesus' prayer for his friends and followers and those who will follow them...

ANd given that it is a month and a half before we move I find that my sermon thoughts are going to one question.  What is my prayer for these people with whom I have worked and churched for 9 years?

THe last while has been a time of lasts, and those will continue.  The week after I read my letter in worship was Palm Sunday (a day when the UCW always has a Ham Supper).  That was the first last--the last UCW meal we will be here for. 

Today was another last--the last meeting I will be at of the Community COunselling Advisory BOard.  Bittersweet moments all.

But back to the sermon.  I have given some thought to what the last Sunday in June will be.  But given the confluence of this Scripture passage and where we are as a faith community can I not share some of my hopes and prayers for this community this week?  Or does it need to wait for the last Sunday????


  1. It's a conversation ... begin it now and say what needs to be said ... offer the prayers that need to be offered, and speak the hope and dreams that need to be shared ... Having been robbed of the chance to say farewell on more than one occasion, you have before you a noble and holy task ... have fun ... speak honestly and openly ... and don't be afraid to say what you really feel ...
    Blessings my friend.

  2. As in most times of change and transition, there are sign-posts along the way. The "lasts" are often emotional. But the good news is that those emotions wouldn't be there unless there was a strong relationship to start with....so even the most difficult good-byes become a blessing by reflecting the mutual love between your family and the community.