Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Book!

And I am named in it!!!!!! (in the preface/acknowledgements)

A couple years ago a seminary prof asked if I would pre-read a book he was writing and comment on the accessibility of the writing.  And now it has come out, DOn sent me a copy this week.

Contemporary Christologies looks at 15 post-WW2 writers in terms of their Christology and Soteriology and Atonement Theory.

I will read it as a whole some day (pre-reading was a chapter at a time) but I greatly enjoyed the book in chapter form.  Atonement theory is an area of interest and growth for me.  And this fleshed out various options.

As it happens I am reading chapters for another book by Don.  It is also on Christology, an introductory piece.  It also has been good thus far.

I endorse and recommend this one!


  1. I feel like I know somebody famous!!!

  2. looks like a great book!