Friday, July 09, 2010

Getting Closer.....

12 days ago I drove to CIty-on the-Lake to put the dog in the kennel.  Whilst I made that trip (5 hours round) the movers arrived and started packing the rest of the house.  The next day they finished.  The next we left town  (9 years to the day--almost to the hour--after I arrived) to spend one final evening with my in-laws before heading West.

Next day, new month, new adventure.  4 days on the highway with a over anxious dog in the car, caravanning with our van and my parents' car, brought us to the parental abode (which is good since at this point we were technically homeless).  A 2 day pause, then North to the New Home.  2555 km from City-on-the-Lake we arrived.

Today the movers came.  And now we live in a forest of boxes. But a new beginning is in the air.  Or maybe that is just the smell of cardboard and newsprint.

BONUS:  This afternoon the Princess asked mom for a drink and mom offered grape juice "just like we have at church" (technically it was cran-grape but the child didn't need to know that).  Princess took a big drink than mom asked if it was good. "Great, now I just need some bread to dip in it!"

Ah church kids.....


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  2. Glad you arrived safely and are settling in. We miss you already!