Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Can't we All Just Get Along???

Last month when I was at a con-ed event at my alma mater the principal made an interesting observation.  Lorne is a former Provincial Premier and he commented that in his experience politicians were much more collegial than clergy, that outside of the debates they shared each others struggles (it is my hunch that this is becoming less true in Canada these last few years btw).  But Clergy seemed to feel that they were in competition with each other and were less apt to share struggles.  And that seems wrong somehow.

I was reminded of this comment this afternoon when I was listening to this interview when MArtha made a comment about clergy being too competitive.

And I am wondering....

Why?  Why are clergy comepetitive?  To be truthful, it is not my experience.  I have always found the clergy with whom I work to be collegial.  What is your experience?  ANd if clergy tend to be too competitive then how do you experience that?  and why do you think it is???


  1. competitive how?

  2. Since what was described hasn't been my experience I am not entirely sure. However part
    of what Lorne was commenting on was that he found clergy less ables to share the struggles of life with their colleagues than politicians were (regardless of party). ANd so we are less able to offer support to each other. Which comes first I am not sure.

    ALso there is a tendency in any profession to compare workplaces and sometimes this becomes quite competitive (either for who is doing the best or who has the worst problems)