Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Book 5 of 2011 -- Christ of the Celts

I have long had a fascination with things Celtic.  ANd so last fall when I  was browsing online and saw this book it took little time to click "add to cart".

I found it a very enjoyable read.  Lots of good ideas.  Not that I necessarily agreed all the time.  But I found a lot in Newell's portrayal of Celtic faith that resonated more with my heart than traditional "orthodox" Christianity.

Not that this means all of Christianity will or needs to agree.  My vision of the future of the church is that we will finally embrace the reality that we are, and always have been, heterodox.  NOt one right answer but a variety of right answers in all areas of doctrine and faith.  A quick read, an easy read, but a worthwhile read.


  1. A bit of celtic blood runs in my veins, and I studied early Christianity and its impact on celtic art so I may get this one and read up! Thanks for the review

  2. Anonymous13/3/11 10:30

    i hope you dont call me a troll again for sharing scripture and at times, my opinion.
    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?
    (Gal 4:16)

  3. Anonymous13/3/11 10:48

    i see you read many many books, but i am curious about how much truth is in them. I am wondering, did Jesus self-describe as Messiah? another question, do you believe that Jesus is Gods only begotten son, the Christ, the Messiah, God in flesh?

  4. Anonymous13/3/11 10:50

    [edit] im wondering wether you believe now that Jesus self described as Messiah? There is much scripture on the matter.