Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book 4 of 2011 -- Faith in a Time of Change

In 2006 the United Church of Canada launched a three year project (which was later expanded into a 4th year) called Emerging Spirit.  This campaign included a series of magazine ads, a series of congregational workshopss, some templates for  newspaper ads and postcard that congregations could utilize and the WonderCafe website.

Another part of the campaign were a number of blogs.  AS the campaign was wrapped up a selection of those blog posts were compiled into this book.  I had the opportunity to get a free copy of the book to review, and my full review will be forthcoming.

But in short I would have to say that I greatly enjoyed this book.  Some posts I disagreed with, some I was fairly neutral, and many of them I wished for the chance to sit down with the writer for more discussion.    And really isn't that what you want in a volume like this?

Besides, as a child of the Star Wars generation, how could I resist a book whose cover appears to have force lightning coming from a stained glass window? ;)

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