Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Can WE Do IT?

This week we are reading about turning the other cheek, walking the second mile, loving your enemies...

Hard to hear. Hard to live. Jesus calls us to move out of the model where we make sure others "get what they deserve" and payback. Jesus calls us away from a place where the only choices are being a doormat/victim or playing by the same rules of the oppressors.

How can we do that? It seems so, I don't know, natural to live by those rules. I mean I know that some (Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind) were able to internalize these ideas and live them out--although sometimes their followers had difficulty--but in day to day life?????

THe thing is I ssee the logic. As St. Paul and Dr. King remind us, only love can drive out and conquer evil and hate. But how is it possible?

Only one way. By remembering that we are created in God's image and that said image is still part of our core being. And so I think I might play this on Sunday:

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