Thursday, August 02, 2012

Book 8 of 2012 -- A New Day

Holidays means time for reading. Today I read "A New Day", a free book by Canadian sociologist Reg Bibby. Much of Bibby's career has been spent looking at issues around religion in Canada. I am going to suggest this as a book study/discussion this fall. (At first I was going to suggest that with Council but I think a wider audience would be good). The book is a quick read--the whole .pdf file is only 76 pages and that includes cover and table of contents and copywright page etc. You can download a copy here.

Bibby starts off by saying that all those who forecast the death of religion in Canada were wrong.  Religion is not dying.  Nor is it likely to die any time soon.

But the landscape has changed.  And so the book helps explain how the landscape has changed, and how faith communities could react to those changes.

Good book.  Easy read.  And free.  What else can one say?

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